Reduce the Risk Resources

This leaflet is the current leaflet issued by the Scottish Government. It is due to be updated. The Scottish Cot Death Trust and a range of other experts, including Midwives, Health Visitors and representatives from the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative were involved in this version. It is given to all expectant Mums in Scotland and sets out the latest Reduce the Risk guidance.

This leaflet was produced by the Scottish Cot Death Trust in partnership with Bliss Scotland; it is about reducing cot death in premature infants.

UNICEF produce a clear and informative caring at night UNICEF states keeping your baby close and that the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot by the side of your bed. The guide discusses how to ensure you and your baby gets the best sleep possible without compromising safety.

For general information about pregnancy, birth and your baby’s first year, see the NHS Ready Steady Baby website.