Younger Supporters

Running Events

There are lots of junior runs happening throughout Scotland for any children who would like to get involved with some fundraising – click here to find out more

Welly Waddle

The Welly Waddle is a fun sponsored walk for under 5’s in aid of the Scottish Cot Death Trust – click here to find out more

Smartie Challenge

Why not try the Smartie Challenge? All you need is a pack of Smarties per child. They can eat the Smarties or maybe make some Smartie cookies for everyone to share-and then fill the tube, with either 20p pieces or pound coins! One tube of 20p pieces is £12!

Pram Push

Why not speak to your local Carer & Toddler group and see if they would like to organise a sponsored Pram Push? Or even get a group of friends together with buggies. Mums, dads, grandparents and kids; walk or run, the choice is yours.

Drop us an email or call the office on 0141 357 3946 to let us know your plans, and we can provide you with all the fundraising materials (and support you will need)!