Edinburgh Night Ride - June 2018

Date: Contact office for details

Option A – Registration Fee £34 + Min Sponsorship £165
Option B – Registration Fee £34 + Self Funding £65
Option C – You pay the TOTAL discounted cost at registration. Registration Fee £90

Payment options explained

Jump on your bike and let’s get cycling!

Cycle 50 miles with a throng of like-minded cyclists, along the twists and turns of the streets of Edinburgh on our Night Ride – lit by the moon and lights of the city.

Taking in the iconic sights of this beautiful city – Arthur’s Seat, The Castle, The Forth Bridges – our route has stunning night views of the city.

This is a rare chance to explore the nooks and crannies of the Scottish capital at a time when much of the traffic has abated – enjoy the tranquillity of the Georgian streets as we pass through in the moonlight.

Register here for Option A or B


Register here for Option C

For more information, please visit the Edinburgh Night Ride website