At Your Workplace

Charity of the Year
Choose the Scottish Cot Death Trust as your charity of the year – we will work with you to devise and support your fundraising

Matched Giving
Does your workplace run a Matched Giving programme – where your organisation will match your fundraising amount up to a certain value

Company Donation
Do your workplace make one-off donations to charities – we would appreciate you nominating the Trust for any such donations

Staff Time
Some organisations will offer staff volunteer time (volunteering leave) – find out if your company has a volunteering policy

Hold an Afternoon Tea
Why not organise an Afternoon Tea in the staff room – bake some goodies, and charge your co-workers for a cuppa and a cake – find out more here

Organise your own fundraising
If you have any ideas about some fundraising you could organise within your workplace, please get in touch and we can supply you with all the fundraising materials you will need

Collection Cans & Merchandise
Display our collecting cans, or sell our merchandise to help raise funds